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Thank You LI.NET Users Group

LI .NET Users Group logo

Yesterday I traveled up to Long Island, New York to present at the LI .NET Users Group. A very big thank you to the LI.NET organizers for putting together a great September meeting. I especially enjoyed the New York pizza. The group last night was great. Very good turnout. The audience had many good questions and comments. Also, there were a lot of follow up discussions after the meeting.

Thank you to Stephanie Carino from Apress for connecting me with the organizers of LI.NET. I really appreciate all the help with all the public relations, the swag, the promotion codes, the raffle copies of my book, and for the live tweets and pictures.

I especially want to thank Mike Shaw for coordinating with me and recording the presentation. He was very helpful and kept me informed every step of the way. I will link to the presentation once it is posted.

Code Samples

Here are the code samples, available through GitHub.


Here are the slides, available through SlideShare.


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