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The Virtues of Blogging

I recently attended an INETA Community Leadership Summit meeting where Scott Hanselman made a point of highlighting the relative power and importance of blogging.

The main point he made was that each of us frequently communicates to and within a limited group. Those same email threads or conversations would benefit the Microsoft community, both IT pro and development, more if that same dialog made it into the blog-o-sphere. A blog post is one of the most effective ways any individual software professional can help the community. Especially, if the post provides *constructive* criticism — tact is important — then the post can positively influence change; many people read and take notice of blog postings.

Also, not all communication forms are equal. Many are ephemeral with limited distribution, but a blog is more permanent and far-reaching.

Consider the time it takes to write an email. Let’s say your email raises an issue, points out an inconsistency, explains how to overcome a technical obstacle, or describes an effective way to perform common tasks. Instead of putting that info in an email that reaches dozens of people try writing it up in a blog post; potentially reaching hundreds or thousands of people.

The post may never be read. The blog site may never be visited; however, if your email has a link to your post then the content still reaches the same dozen people with the same number of keystrokes. Nonetheless, it’s not about followers, it’s about adding your voice to the community, without regard to how many people will read it but in a fervent belief that at least one reader, beyond my current circle of influence, will read, understand and appreciate what I have to say. Write it globally; socialize it locally.

Scott delivered a good sermon that I thought I’d share. Let’s see if it has any impact on me. Perchance this is the type of rational argument that motivates me to blog.

I guess you’ll know that I’ve taken the prescription when I create a blog and title my first post: “The Virtues of Blogging”.


One response to “The Virtues of Blogging

  1. Jeff Gallimore May 27, 2011 at 10:27 am

    It seems like Scott’s talk did have an impact on you. Bravo for adding your voice to the community.

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